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Temple Medicine

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Somewhere in time we get lost. As a child, we are the embodiment of joy. Then reality takes hold. For some, they lose their innocence too early in life, for others inevitably it happens later. Everything we thought we knew starts to break down as violence, competition, and confusion enter our field of consciousness. We are taught to compete for seemingly finite resources: money, attention, love—they all seem scarce in a world seemingly hostile to our primal innocence.

At some point, we realize the cards are stacked against us. This world wasn’t designed for our personal and collective thriving. Something went awry. Something went terribly wrong. Depression, anxiety, and anger start to set in. The downward spiral accelerates until we hit our version of the “bottom”, with nowhere to look but up.

And then we see something, connect with something, know something greater than ourselves.


Through a series of lessons, insights, and seemingly magical interventions by trusted advisors or even angels, we sense that this depression, this anxiety, this anger is not an illness, but a symptom of, and reaction to, the pathological narrative of separation that we ourselves propagate through our own misguided motivations, thoughts, and intentions.

“In short, we are not in control of our minds.”


So we end up cutting ourselves down, sabotaging our successes, succumbing to the status quo in order to look good and keep up with our friends—or more like, keep down with them. We always survive, but we do not thrive in life. We accept results when we know so much more is possible. Driving towards a higher goal is like running through mud and water, slowing us down and making a mess in the process.

Deep down we know that the goal of this game isn’t just survival. Deep down, when we connect with our Soul, we intuit that the goal of this game is joy, peace, and love—living with full knowledge of our Spirit and inner sense of direction, spiritual guidance which leads us towards empowerment and fulfillment.


When we look within we find the search for meaning.

“Temple Medicine is the reminder that YOU are an inter-being. We are a living culture, constantly growing, evolving and thriving at each new level we achieve.”

Temple as Commons

As a place of worship, the temple was originally a commons—a place of equitable access, use, and spiritual sustainability for everyone in the community. Special rituals and rites are developed around the needs of this local community, resources are stewarded by our council in an accountable way, and conflicts and transgressions are dealt with compassionately rather than abruptly. This was ‘medicine’ for all who came to the temple, supporting their healing and consciousness development.

Our intent with Temple Medicine is to create a modern-day ‘temple’ of healing and empowerment (within a cultural rather than religious context). Temple Medicine is a place that helps people live with more joy, love, and passion.

“Creating a collaborative economy requires a shift in worldview and cultural narrative from separation to interbeing.”[1]

[1]Wahl, Daniel. Designing Regenerative Cultures. Triarchy Press. Kindle Edition.